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Smart Solutions

    for Developers and Documentation Authors
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PerlBuilder - The IDE for Perl

Perl Builder has been the industry-leading development environment for Perl since 1998. Whether you are an expert Perl programmer or an HTML author who needs to create scripts without programming, Perl Builder is the solution for you!

WordToWeb -

           Convert Word to HTML

WordToWeb 2.5 completely automates the conversion of long, complex Word documents to  HTML publications with a table of contents, index, cross-references and much more! Create professional online documentation automatically and save hours of tedious HTML editing.

Hosted Web Services

Our hosted solutions offer professional-level power without the need for any programming or software installation.

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FormBreeze makes it easy for webmasters to get html forms working . Our service will email the results of each submission and offers advanced features like personalized autoresponder messages, collecting data for later download, integration with mailing lists and much more. Sign up for a free 30 day trial today!

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Querybot is your 24 by 7 customer service front line. Querybot is a hosted knowledge base software system which will instantly answer repetitive customer questions while forwarding unresolved issues to you by email. The system records all questions and is designed to improve over time as new issues are addressed. Querybot can cut manual email processing by up to 80% while improving quality of service. Sign up for a free 30 day trial!

HelpBreeze 3.0 Suite -

 The Complete Help Authoring Solution

HelpBreeze 3.0 Suite is the fastest and easiest way to create Windows Help files, professional quality printed documentation, HTML Help and standard HTML--all from the same source files! This complete Suite of tools also includes HelpBreeze HTML Help and JavaHelp Editons (below).
HelpBreeze HTML Help /

 JavaHelp Editions - Create HTML Help / chm and JavaHelp files

These tools offer a powerful, easy-to-use visual environment for creating online help in the new HTML-based help formats from Microsoft (HTML Help) and Sun (JavaHelp). Download a free Trial copy today! New Release! Version 3.0 is now shipping.

Product Updates

* Perl Builder 2.0k    This is a free update for registered users.
* HelpBreeze HTML Help/JavaHelp Editions 3.0e . A free update for registered users.
* WordToWeb 2.5d , a free update for registered users.

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