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Creating Printed Documentation from your Help System 

HelpBreeze HTML Help/JavaHelp Edition includes the Document Wizard--a powerful tool which can completely automate the production of professional quality printed documentation from the same source HTML files used to create your help system.

To illustrate the power of the Document Wizard, we have created a 147-page user's manual form the JavaHelp User's Guide help system which Sun includes with the JavaHelp software.

You can download the manual to see the result produced automatically by HelpBreeze.

To create the user's manual we followed the steps below. The entire process took less than 10 minutes. No manual editing or tweaking of any kind was done to the resulting Word document.

Step 1

In HelpBreeze's Document Wizard tab, we first clicked the button to import the help system's table of contents and use it as a starting point for the document outline. We drag and dropped a couple of items to make the outline more suitable for the printed format, but otherwise no changes were made.

While the help system's table of contents will often meet your needs for the printed document outline, it is important to note that HelpBreeze allows you to have a completely different layout for your printed document if you wish. (see Figure 1 below).

Step 2

We then simply clicked the button to the generate the printed document. HelpBreeze first combined all the individual topic files into a single file according to the outline. It also adjusted the heading styles and modified all hyperlinks to work correctly in a single document.

Next, HelpBreeze called upon Microsoft Word to continue the conversion process. It processed the document so it is suitable or for print or PDF format and also created a table of contents and index.

The final result is a Microsoft Word document which is ready to publish. (See Figure 2), and/or download here (300K, zip format).

HelpBreeze also creates a "printed version" in HTML format based on the outline. This HTML file can be provided to users as a printer-friendly alternative or can be imported into other applications or converted to other formats. HelpBreeze will create this file even if you do not have Microsoft Word to continue the conversion process.

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Figure 1 - The HelpBreeze Document Wizard Tab


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Figure 2 - The Completed Word Document


Download The document here (300K zipped). All Material (c) Sun Microsystems, Inc.

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