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HelpBreeze HTML Help/JavaHelp Editions
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HelpBreeze JavaHelp Edition 3.0 Screen Shot
(A screen shot of HelpBreeze HTML Help Edition is available here. Both tools are included.)

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HelpBreeze's visual environment includes everything you need to create, edit and test your online help system. The tabs on the left allow you to create and test your table of contents, index and glossary directly in a environment that looks and works just like JavaHelp.

The tabs on the right include a powerful visual HTML editor, access to HTML source (tags), a preview mode and several other tools.

Creating a JavaHelp system with HelpBreeze is fast and easy. You can edit,  test and view your help system directly from HelpBreeze's integrated environment. HelpBreeze creates and maintains all the special files required by Sun's JavaHelp. You never need to worry about the details.

HelpBreeze includes its own powerful HTML editor, but if you prefer a 3rd party tool like FrontPage or Dreamweaver, you can integrate it directly with HelpBreeze. Use it for all your HTML editing, or switch back and forth between your preferred tool and the built-in editor whenever you wish.

In addition, HelpBeeze can automatically generate professional quality printed documentation for use as a manual or PDF file, as well as plain HTML pages for your website or intranet, so you can easily re-use the same information to meet all your documentation needs!

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