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Perl Builder 2.0
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Perl Builder 2.0 for Linux

About Perl Builder 2.0 for Linux

The Professional Version of Perl Builder 2.0 includes pre-release level support for Linux on the CD-ROM. Linux support is not available with the Standard version.

Perl Builder 2.0 is provided subject to a developer license, so developers may install the software on both Windows and Linux machines, provided that the licensed developer will the only person to ever use the software.

The Linux version of Perl Builder 2.0 looks and works nearly identically to the Windows version except for a few platform-specific details.  The Linux version includes all the features in the Professional Version column of our feature matrix, except where it specifically states otherwise.

Why is it "Pre-Release?"

Over 95% of the code in the Linux version of Perl Builder is shared with the Windows version and has been tested extensively on Windows. However, the code has not yet received the same level of testing on the Linux platform.

In addition, Perl Builder is ported using the Wine libraries. The Wine software enables applications compiled for Windows to be run on Linux and is an ongoing open source project. A number of commercial Linux applications, including Corel WordPerfect Office 2000, use Wine for the Linux versions. However, Wine itself is not yet release level software, and users may encounter problems with some Linux configurations.

Internally, we have developed and tested Perl Builder for Linux on RedHat 6.2 and Caldera 2.4. The software installs easily and runs well on our test systems. However, some users with varying Linux configurations have reported issues with installation or operation of the software.

For this reason, we strongly recommend that if you are interested in using Perl Builder 2.0 on Linux, you first download and try an evaluation copy to insure that the software will install and run on your system. If you run into problems, we will try to help. However, if the issues are related to Wine, we may be able to provide only limited assistance.

Linux System Requirements

  • Linux System with glibc-2.1.2 or later. PB 2.0 has been tested only on Red Hat 6.2 and
    Caldera OpenLinux 2.4.
  • Minimum Pentium 200 MHz recommended.
  • X-Window System.
  • Netscape Navigator is required to take full advantage of Perl Builder's features.
  • Support for RPM Packages.
  • Standard Perl installation.

IMPORTANT: Perl Builder for Linux is a pre-release application and has not been fully tested. Installation and use is at your own risk.

Download an Evaluation Copy Now

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