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Perl Builder 2.0
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New Features in Perl Builder 2.0

New Features (both standard and professional versions)

Redesigned and enhanced editor provides a powerful environment for serious Perl developers:

  • Unlimited undo/redo levels.
  • Improved performance/speed.
  • Improved color syntax highlighting lets you use bold/italic as well as colors and background colors for specific syntax elements.
  • Block indent/outdent using the tab key.
  • Direct control over keyboard shortcut assignments for editor functions.
  • Find All and highlight feature.
  • Improved printing support, including printing only the selected text.
  • Copy as HTML or RTF and paste highlighted text in color into other applications such as MS Word or HTML editors.
  • Glitches in display, scrolling, etc. that some Version 1.0 users experienced have been eliminated.

Improved navigation and online help:

  • Subroutine navigator makes it easy to jump directly to any subroutine in the current module.
  • "As you type" parameter prompting for the core Perl functions (similar to VB, Delphi, Visual Studio, etc.).
  • Improved bookmark system.
  • Context sensitive help for built-in Perl functions (just click a Perl function name in your code and press F1).

New Debugging Engine

  • Faster and higher fidelity.
  • Supports interactive I/O and Perl TK. The new interactive I/O window also allows you to view HTML/Text output as you debug, without having to switch to the HTML/Text Output tab.
  • Includes all standard debugging features.
  • New "Dump" feature in the Evaluate/Modify command displays complex/nested data.
  • Pause/Reset buttons let you stop run-away scripts/infinite loops.
  • Execution directory for scripts can be specified.
  • Customizable HTML color syntax highlighting in the output window.
  • Compiler errors shown in a pane below the editor. Double click a message to jump to the problem line of code. Pop-up hint displays entire text for long compiler messages.
  • Watch window has "inspect" feature to show entire text of long strings and allow value to be copied.

Improved CGI Wizard

  • Enhanced validation options.
  • Support for saving data in a text file on the server.

New Features (Professional Version Only)

  • Open multiple main scripts in the IDE and select the active script for debugging. (The standard version allows only one main script to be open at a time. However both versions support opening modules/libraries).
  • Edit Windows give Perl Builder Professional a true multi-window (MDI) interface, so you can open and edit scripts in separate windows. (A new feature in Version 2.0d).
  • Debug complex CGI scripts directly in your browser-without the need for a webserver on your PC.
  • Enhanced support for debugging "daisy chained" scripts--where output from a script includes a form which calls the same or another script.
  • Code templates let you save snippets of code which can later be inserted with a hotkey or menu.
  • Autoreplace/AutoCorrect lets you specify strings so that the editor automatically corrects errors or replaces abbreviations with the full text. For example, you could set up two character keystrokes as abbreviations for common Perl functions or constructs and have the editor expand them automatically.
  • Built-in performance timing tools help you optimize your scripts.   
  • Pod Viewer lets you view pod documentation which is embedded in a module in a floating window. The Pod viewer formats the text and provides a table of contents for navigation.
  • Mouse-over bracket matching: Just place the cursor over any bracket {} to highlight the bracket and its partner. Unmatched brackets are highlighted in red. (Both Standard and Professional versions also have CNTR+[ bracket matching).


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