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Perl Builder 2.0
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Note to Perl Builder 1.0 Users:

Perl Builder 2.0 is now shipping! Complete details and upgrade pricing are available hereThe final update for Perl Builder 1.0 is still available for download at the bottom of this page.

Perl Builder 2.0 Updates

Note: updates work on any version of Perl Builder 2.0 or later (ie. you can upgrade directly from 2.0 to 2.0g; you don't need to appy patches sequentially).

Download Links

Please be sure to download the correct version (Standard or Professional). If you get the wrong one, it will not install. These updates will not work with the evaluation software. 

Download size is only about 1 MB. The proper version of Perl Builder 2.0 must already be installed.

The file is a self-extracting executable. Just download and double click to install.

Windows 9x/2000/XP/NT Updates

Version 2.0k Professional Update:   Click to Download

Version 2.0k Standard Update:          Click to Download

Note: Standard version customers who would like to upgrade to the Profession version may do so by paying the difference in price: $130 plus shipping.

Release Notes

Highlights are below. For more details, please see the Release Notes topic in the online help after you install the update.

Version 2.0h-k

Improved anti-spam security for scripts generated by the CGI Wizard. Fixes for minor problems.

Version 2.0g

Includes new support for opening a file by dragging it onto the editor from Windows Explorer. Also a new close button [X] for editor tabs and support for Perl documentation in .chm as well as .html format. Also some fixes for problems.

Version 2.0e 

Version 2.0e includes fixes for various problems reported by users, including a problem with the focus in the editor when using Alt+Tab to move between applications in Windows. The Edit Windows in the Professional version now have a menu and additional keyboard shortcuts.

Version 2.0d

Version 2.0d includes additional fixes and also Edit Windows in the Professional Version. Edit Windows give Perl Builder a multiwindow (MDI) interface, so you can edit multiple files at the same time.

Version 2.0c

Version 2.0c includes additional fixes and also adds new features, including an option to have the IDE automatically open the last used script on startup

Version 2.0b

Version 2.0b fixes a few problems that were found in 2.0a. Additionally we have added several new features, including a command to jump directly to a subroutine's definition from a call and improvements to the mouse-over bracket matching in the Professional version. For details, please see the release notes in the online help after downloading the update.

A Linux Update is also now available.

Version 2.0a

Version 2.0a is a very important update which resolves a number problems and adds some important new features. We urge all Version 2.0 users to download this free update as soon as possible.

Details on what has changed are available in the "Release Notes" topic on the online help. In brief the update contains the following:

  • Greatly improved "ToolTip" evaluation performance in the debugger.

  • New "as you type" prompting for built-in Perl function parameters (similar to VB, Delphi, etc), as well as a pop-up list of functions accessible by pressing CNTRL+L.

  • Improved stability, especially under Win 2000 and NT.

  • Improved CPU utilization by the debugger.

  • Fixes for a number of other problems reported by users.

Linux Update

Version 2.0n (Pre-Release)

This update brings the Linux version of Perl Builder 2.0 up to par with version 2.0b of Perl Builder for Windows. All the fixes and new features described above for Windows versions 2.0a-b are included.

In addition, this update includes the latest version of WINE. WINE has made a lot of progress in the past few months, and this version is noticably more solid. For example, the toolbar flicker has been fixed.

Download Now: Version 2.0n Update for Linux (6MB tar file).

Wine Updates (for Perl Builder 2.0 - Linux)

Note: The Version 2.0n update above already includes the latest version of Wine. You do not need to download this as well.

You can obtain the latest RPM for WINE here. Simply download the "stripped" build and install using your package manager.

You do not need to reinstall Perl Builder. However, if the RPM indicates that it has overwritten /etc/wine/wine.conf you will need to restore the old version of the wine.conf file. The RPM should back this up for you, but it may be a good idea to make your own copy of this file.

If you fail to restore the wine.conf file, Perl Builder will not run.

The RPMs on this site our updated daily, so you may wish to download an update periodically. These files are provided by members of the WINE open source development team and are not tested or guaranteed by Solutionsoft.

Any time you install a Wine update, please be sure to retain the last working RPM, since there is always the potential that something in the new version will break Perl Builder.

More information and support resources for the WINE project and available at WineHQ.com

Perl Builder 1.0 Updates

Perl Builder 1.0e Update

This is a "patch" and will work only if a fully registered version of Perl Builder 1.0 is already installed on your computer. Please note that no further development will be done on Perl Builder 1.0. We recommend that all users upgrade to Version 2.0.

Version 1.0e supports Windows 2000.  Download Now   (approx .5 MB)   

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