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This example demonstrates how you can use a "master page" to generate an HTML publication with virtually any layout and formatting.

The master page for this example is located here.

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Table of Contents

Introducing WordToWeb
About This Manual
What Can WordToWeb be Used For?
WordToWeb Key Features
New Features in Version 2.5
How To Set up Word Documents to be used with WordToWeb
Some Basic Terminology
Web Page or HTML File
HTML Publication and WordToWeb Project
Microsoft HTML Help
Project Template
Master Page
Heading Styles
Main or Global TOC (table of contents)
Local TOC (table of contents)
Navigation Buttons
Rules (Horizontal Lines)
Getting Started
How To Start WordToWeb
About WordToWeb Projects
The WordToWeb Wizard
Wizard Panel 1 (Converting a Single Document)
Wizard Panel 1 (Using a WordToWeb Project)
To Add a New Document to the List
Wizard Panel 2
To Choose the Publication Type
Wizard Panel 3
To Specify Document Properties
Using a Master Page
Wizard Panel 4
Setting Table Formatting
Wizard Panel 5
Cross-references and AutoLinking
Wizard Panel 6
Setting Options for Graphics
Wizard Panel 7
Publishing with WordToWeb
Managing your HTML Publications and Moving your Files to the Web Server
Managing your Publications
Publishing on the Web or Intranet
Making your Publication the Default Page in a Directory
Creating Links within your Publications
Table of Contents (TOC) Links
Navigation Buttons
Index Entry-based Cross-references
Working with Word Heading Styles
Converting Documents which don't Use Styles
Using Style Sheets with WordToWeb
Creating Microsoft HTML Help Publications
Downloading Microsoft HTML Help Workshop
An Overview of HTML Help
Using HTML Help: Step-by-Step
Finding out More about HTML Help
Deploying HTML Help Systems
Creating and Publishing a Web-Based HTML System
Creating a Compiled HTML Help System
Creating a Compiled HTML Help System
Using the Batch Converter and Extending WordToWeb
Using the Batch Converter
To run the WordToWeb Batch Converter
The Batch Converter's Visual Interface
Running the Batch Converter from the Command Line
Extending WordToWeb with your Own Programs and Scripts
Pre-Conversion Macros
Post-Conversion Programs or Scripts

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