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"HelpBreeze has an unusual blend of power for the professional...and simplicity for the beginner...the best help authoring environment if you are already familiar with Word for Windows."

"One criterion to determine ease of use is the answer to the eternal computer-related question: Can you operate the product without opening the manual? This program fits the bill."

"HelpBreeze 2.0 from Solutionsoft delivers a powerful help-authoring tool—complete with new wizard features, Internet access, and Windows 95 compliance."

"This tool is aptly named: HelpBreeze is simply a breeze to learn and use, full of features that guide you in creating your WinHelp document."

"HelpBreeze has the best documentation of any of the WinHelp authoring tools I've reviewed."

"HelpBreeze includes the right set of well implemented features. Well written manual and good support. Highly recommended."

"HelpBreeze stands out among similar products..."

"The powerful, easy-to-use [Topic Wizard] alone makes HelpBreeze well worth the price."

"One of the premier products of choice for programmers and non-programmers alike."

"An excellent program...the Topic Wizard is a fabulous addition, and the macro support and all-round testing facilities are unrivaled."

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