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Supports .NET

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International Spell Check dictionaries are available for download.


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The Cost Effective RoboHelp Alternative for Creating Microsoft HTML Help and Sun JavaHelp Systems

HelpBreeze Help Editor/ Tool  - new version

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          Microsoft HTML  Help/chm

HelpBreeze has offered an affordable and streamlined alternative to RoboHelp since 1994!

If you are a RoboHelp user or someone considering RoboHelp for your future needs, you should know that HelpBreeze offers an easy to use but powerful environment that lets you focus on your project, rather than the complexity of your help authoring tool. Now with questions about the future of RoboHelp, there's more reason than ever to consider HelpBreeze.

Switching from RoboHelp? HelpBreeze is Less Complex, Easier to Use and more Affordable than RoboHelp

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HelpBreeze HTML Help Edition and HelpBreeze JavaHelp Edition are powerful, award-winning authoring tools / online help editors  which are specifically designed for the HTML-based online help standards:

  • HTMLHelp (.chm files) is the next generation help system from Microsoft and is now the standard help system in Windows 98, Windows 2000/XP and Office 2000/XP.  HelpBreeze supports the latest release of Microsoft HTML Help.
  • JavaHelp is Sun's new cross-platform online help system designed to be the standard vehicle delivering help for Java applications. HelpBreeze supports the new JavaHelp 2.0 release as well as JavaHelp 1.x.
  • In addition to the HTMLHelp and JavaHelp formats, HelpBreeze also automatically generates professional quality printed documentation (see an example) and plain HTML (complete with table of contents and index) suitable for the web or your intranet.   HelpBreeze is a complete, single-source documentation solution.

HTML Help/.chm,

        JavaHelp, Web, and printed documentation from one source.

Both the HTML Help and JavaHelp tools are hosted by the same easy-to-use visual environment and are included together in the download package, and your purchase includes a license for both tools. Download your free trial copy now!

View a screen shot of HelpBreeze HTML Help Edition being used to create an HTML Help/.chm project!

New Features in Version 3.0

  • Automatically create a web/intranet version or your HTML Help or JavaHelp system with an HTML table of contents and index.
  • Improved navigation within the editor.
  • Dramatically improved Document Wizard now integrates with Microsoft Word to create printed documentation from your HTML Help or JavaHelp system.
  • New "Check for Broken Links" feature verifies hyperlinks throughout your HTML help project. 
  • Global Search/Replace throughout your HTML Help project.
  • New Context-Sensitive Help Editor for creating "What's This" style help in HTML Help projects.
  • Full support for JavaHelp 2.0, including the new Favorites and Glossary views, Presentations, etc.
  • JavaHelp projects can target either JavaHelp 2.0 or 1.x.
  • Dozens of small improvements and fixes based on user feedback

Key Features

  • A powerful but easy-to-use WYSIWYG HTML editor for developing HTML help content. Or if you prefer, HelpBreeze will integrate with a 3rd party HTML editor (Dreamweaver, Front Page, etc.).
  • Full access to the HTML source code (i.e. HTML tags).
  • Drag and drop HTML Help table of contents and index creation and maintenance.
  • Complete project management features automatically handle the creation and maintenance of all the files required for a working HTML Help or JavaHelp system.
  • Test/Preview mode lets you test your help system from within the editing environment.
  • Compile (HTMLHelp / .chm files) or build index keywords and run the JAR compressor (JavaHelp) from within the authoring environment.
  • Automatically create professional quality printed documentation (for use as a manual or PDF file) from the topics in your Micorosoft HTML Help or JavaHelp project. HelpBreeze can integrate with Microsoft Word to fully automate the process of generating printed documentation.
  • Automatically generate a web version of your HTML Help / chm system to publish on the web or your intranet. The web version includes a table of contents and index and can optionally employ an expanding/contracting TOC implemented with DHTML.
  • Easily import existing HTML content into HTML Help/chm projects and JavaHelp projects.
  • Generates map files for linking the chm file or JavaHelp project to applications. Works with all programming languages that support JavaHelp or HTML Help, including,  Java, c++, Delphi, Visual Basic and VB.NET, C#, etc.
  • HelpBreeze HTML Help Edition works directly with Visual Basic 6.0 to make adding HTML Help .chm files  to VB applications easy. HelpBreeze also includes the Context Sensitive Help Editor for creating What's This style help.
  • HelpBreeze HTML Help Edition includes preset style sheets so you can easily create online help systems that have the same look and feel Microsoft uses in its own .chm help files.
  • Visual tools for creating elements specific to each platform:
  • HTML Help / .chm files: Pop-ups, Expanding/Contracting Sections, etc.
  • JavaHelp: Pop-up and Secondary Window lightweight components, Presentation Windows, Glossary, etc.

Ordering Information

HelpBreeze HTML Help/JavaHelp V 3.0 is now available at a special price of $199 (No shipping charge; delivered via download). All customers will receive both the HTML Help and JavaHelp Editions.

Secure online ordering is available here .

Alternatively, you can purchase the HelpBreeze 3.0 Suite package. This includes HelpBreeze 3 for Microsoft Word (used primarily for creating Windows Help files and printed documentation), as well as HelpBreeze HTML Help/JavaHelp Editions 3.0.

For complete ordering information click here.

RoboHelp is a registered trademark of Macromedia, Inc. HelpBreeze is a registered trademark of Solutionsoft.

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