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Product Updates/Patches

Maintenance updates for all our products are available on our downloads page.

Perl Builder/Perl

Please see our Perl Resources page for information specific to Perl programming.

Have a Non-Technical Question?

Please try our automated system. Simply enter your question in your own words. If the system cannot answer your question, you will be able to contact us by email. Currently this system can answer only non-technical questions.

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Contacting Technical Support

If the resources on this page do not help with your question or problem, please contact us at support@solutionsoft.com

HelpBreeze/Help Authoring Information

Microsoft's HTML Help website is the place to find information or get help on HTML Help-related issues.
You can also download the latest HTML help software.

.NET: Information on implementing online in Visual Basic.NET and C#.NET

      Detailed .NET information from Microsoft

The HTML Help Center - a third-party resource for Microsoft HTML Help.

Sun's JavaHelp website includes the latest JavaHelp software as well as information. The technical forums page includes a group devoted to JavaHelp (look in the "Essential Classes and Documentation Generation" section).

WinHlp-L Discussion list is an email list for help authors and technical writers:

List Informaton/Archives: http://www.cpub.com/archives/winhelp-l/winhelp-l.html

Microsoft's Help Authoring Newsgroup
(requires newsreader)

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